Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ways to make money from file sharing at

The global Internet network gives us a lot of advantages. By being online we can find all the information we need, communicate with our friends and even make money at home. Investigating Internet business opportunities has become a great hobby of mine. I know dozens of great ways to make money online for free and I would like to share one good income opportunity for you.

Paid file sharing gained its popularity over the years and now hundreds of web users are earning cash for sharing files. Let me show you how to get money by uploading files by using

The process of earning money at looks very simple. Register at Easy-Share and start uploading your files (photos, videos, music, images, ect.) via ftp, remote upload, embedded widgets.

Being a member of you will receive money for every download of your documents. Pay per download rates are currently standing at $40 per 1000 downloads. Or you can pick a different reward plan (revue sharing) and receive 65% of money earned from premium account sales.

Also there is one way of earning money with – referral program. By inviting your friends to Easy-Share you can get 20% of money earned by them with file sharing. If you don't understand how "get paid to upload" websites work, check out this explanational article, thanks to the creator. More about it could be found here:

The minimum cash-out on this get paid to upload website is just 10 dollars and users can receive money via PayPal, AlertPay and WebMoney. This get paid to website is looking very nice and I will be looking forward to earning more money with this site.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paid To Upload As A Way of Making Money For Free

Out new economics dictates its rules and we have to adapt in order to survive and life a happy life. Internet is a great tool for those, who want to make extra money for free and fast. We all use file sharing - we send photos, videos, music and other documents to our friends, so why don't we turn it into a business model? These days here is a whole lot of tools, which could help us.

Free data hosting services are appearing here and there. Their main objective is to provide their affiliates with free and quality data storage. Additionally, all affiliates can make money by promoting their files, it's a great offer for anyone.

Lets review the "paid to upload" model on the example of You, as an affiliate, sign up at and sharing sharing your files. When your files are uploaded, you are ready to get started with earning money. By promoting the download links to the files you have shared you will be getting paid for every download (rates reach up to 30 dollars per 1000 downloads).

This sounds like a killer deal for anyone. I went ahead to and found out this earning technique pretty reasonable. The owners of this service are providing great support to anyone, who wants to make money by sharing files. They even give recommendations about the sites, which could be used for promoting your download links.

As I have already mentioned, I am only starting my earning quest with, but I see that some people are already earning good money with this paid to upload site (please refer to this post, where payment from is shared). Personally I like this way of earning money and hope to make at least something with it. pays via PayPal and WebMoney, I am in a big need on e-currency that is why I am up for this offer.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coupons, Discounts and Making Money Online

This blog will be dedicated to such exciting topics as making money from home for free, coupons and various freebies. Feel free to subsribe and hopefully the new posts will start coming up in several days.